A safe and efficient online trading system

Complete trading process by

only 5 steps
Confirm e-Contract online ( Buyer and Supplier )
  • Buyer places purchase order to supplier
  • Supplier drafts e-Contract and submit to Buyer
  • Buyer confirms e-Contract
Make payment ( Deposit & Balance ) from Buyer to eTradePay
Deliver Cargo to the warehouse at departure port for consolidation
Pick up at destination warehouse
Release Payment from eTradePay
Import Partner
In case you need license to handle importation process Djimart introduces Import Partner to serve your order.
Import Partner---Qualified and professional Importer
with proper licenses.
Import clearance
Import clearance
Basic Information
  • Contract : DJ20200831170038
  • Importer : Tynesale Pama Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Exporter : Huizhizhen Smart Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Confirmed On : 2020/11/20.
  • Witnessed by : Globex E-Services (HK) Limited.
Payment and Settlement
  • First Payment : $1000
  • Balance Payment : $1050
  • Supplier's Delivery Time : 2020-11-25
  • First payment Time : 2020-11-21
  • Balance payment Time : 2020-12-01
    (Before buyer's picking up at destination)

Purchase Order Info

No Product Picture SKU Pieces Carton Quantity Carton Volume Price
1 USB Neck Fan Hanging Rechargeable Hands ... 100 14272150235 20 10m³ $5.5
2 Tbale Clip Fan Usb Electric Rechargeable Mini ... 200 14272150233 40 10m³ $7.5
Online Payment & Settlement
Djimart.com designates eTradePay as the tool for
payment and settlement.
The amount that the Buyer pays to
eTradePay according to the e-Contract

Payment schedule:

1.Deposit: the Buyer pays deposit to eTradePay according to the e-Contract.
2. Balance: the Buyer pays the balance to eTradePay before picking up at distination port.
The amount that eTradePay releases to
Supplier according to the e-Contrac

Settlement Schedule:

1. Release of Deposit: eTradePay will instruct the bank to release Deposit to Supplier after the shipment is on-board at origin port.
2. Release of Balance: eTradePay will instruct the bank to release Balance to Supplier One Working Day after Buyer picks up shipment at Destination warehouse.
The Payment & Settlement process is automatically implemented by Djimart.com according to the e-Contract.
Remarks: Proportion of First and Last Release can be negotiated and fixed in the e-Contract.
How to protect Transaction?
Through digital connections with the Customs, the designated Bank and Logistics Company, Djimart.com builds the trust between Buyers and Suppliers by cross-checking and verifying digital data from various parties and making transactions efficient and safe. Once there is any data discrepancy, Djimart.com will alert the related parties to make reconfirmation.
How is the shipment operated at the port of departure?
After the payment is made to eTradepay by the Buyer, the
Supplier will deliver the shipment to the designated
warehouse in the port of departure, with Barcode attached
to each of cartons. Then, the operator of the warehouse
implements the the following process:
Scan for receiving shipment
Inspect / count (if requested)
Pick & pack
Consolidate the shipment into containers
Complete the Customs clearance
Effect the laden container on-board
How the shipment is picked up at destination?
For FCL shipment
Buyer picks up the laden container at Terminal directly
LCL shipment
Buyer picks up the shipment at nominated Warehouse at destination


If the Buyer has not received the shipment, or the Buyer is not satisfied
with the shipment, the Buyer can contact the Supplier, or open the
dispute in the Buyer Center. Buyers and Suppliers need to settle the
dispute through negotiation. If both parties can’t reach an agreement
within 30 days after the dispute, the dispute will be submitted to
Djimart.com for determination.