Intelligent Supply Chain Management / i-SCM :

Dedicated to Retailers to manage their supply chain.

Product Files Management
一 For Buyers managing their selected products.
  • Public Products File

    For products that are open published on for all the buyers.
    Buyers can select products from's
    category and put them into “Public Products File”
  • Special Products File

    For products that are only exposed to
    certain buyers.
    Buyers can set up a special products file based
    on the agreement with the Supplier. The special
    products will not be exposed to any other buyers.
  • Collected Products File

    For products which are from other
    trading platforms.
    Buyers can copy links of products from other
    sources available on and paste the
    links back to collected products file so that those
    products can be traded with’s
    e-Transaction system.

1、All products in the three files can be traded and managed on;

2、The related transaction process is implemented according to the e-Contract through’s e-Transaction system;

3、Applicable to small but frequent whole-sale purchase ;

Trace and Track
Manage all orders and products by ONE barcode from end to end

Supply Chain Visualization

Tracking process : Information can be tracked and queried based on
Purchase Order Management

Create PO

Approve PO

Close PO