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Whether you’ve already got an established ecommerce business, a great idea for a new product, or you just have a passion for selling, here’s how to take that next step with Djimart

Learn the basics

Here's what you need to know to start selling.

List your item

You can list new or used items and pay a final value fee only when it sells.

Get seller protection

You’re protected by policies, monitoring, and our customer service team.

Choose when you get paid

You can schedule either daily or weekly payouts, and we'll deposit your earnings directly into your bank account.

Steps to sell

Create a great listing

Write a standout title

We’ll recommend search terms that buyers often use, so be sure to add these in the title.

Avoid all caps and focus on specific details like brand, model, size, and color.

Take high-quality photos

Snap your items from multiple angles in a well-lit place, and capture any blemishes for transparency.

On the Djimart, you can clean up your images and add a white background.

Set the right price

We will recommend a price based on recent sales of similar items.

You can even watch how other sellers are pricing their items, or use Best Offer to negotiate and sell faster.

Ship with ease

We provide recommendations for delivery, but to save on shipping, use a recommended delivery label.

Plus, if you’re selling locally, you can also offer Local Pickup.

Ship products

Prepare products

Package your products so they will arrive safely and package fragile, glass, and sharp items in such a way that they arrive intact.

To prevent leaks or spills from damaging other items in the shipment - usually for liquids and powders

To protect items from dust or dirt

To prevent loose items from being separated, such as individual items being sold as a set

Be tightly wrapped and taped shut so the product cannot fall out

Have a scannable barcode label on the outside

Be able to pass a 3-foot drop test on a hard surface without the contents breaking. A drop test consists of five drops: Flat on base; Flap on top; Flat on longest side; Flat on shortest side; On a corner

Ship products to buyers

Select a trusted delivery company for delivery and obtain the relevant tracking number.

Getting paid

Getting paid for items you’ve sold on Djimart is simple. Your buyers can choose from a range of payment methods, Djimart manages the end-to-end payments process, and you receive your funds directly in your checking account or Visa or Mastercard debit card. You can track all of your payouts in the Payment tab in Seller Hub.